Crossing the Line

It’d be unfair to say that a college basketball coach can’t get upset with players and show it, but Morehead State basketball coach Sean Woods proved that there’s always a way to push things too far.

With 5:51 left in the second, Morehead’s Devon Atkinson committed what appeared to be a run-of-the-mill foul as a Kentucky player drove to the net. Morehead coach Sean Woods, for some reason, absolutely exploded. As Atkinson made his way back the bench, Woods was immediately in his face, and gave Atkinson a way-too-hard shove in the back. While this is bad enough, Woods simply wouldn’t quit. He then followed Atkinson to the bench and continued his unnecessary verbal assault on the clearly defeated player.

To say Woods lost his temper would be an understatement. (ESPN)

The whole situation was completely out of line for a coach who wants to be taken seriously. It looked like a schoolyard bully attacking another kid and is not something that can’t go unpunished. The worst part is, Woods is a repeat offender, and has used his bullying tactics various times. It is understandable to get animated during a close game, but berating your own players over minor infractions is just ridiculous.

This wasn’t an isolated incident for Woods. (USA Today)

New information has been released, stating that Sean Woods has been suspended by the school due to his conduct, but I think that Stephen A Smith put it best when he said that the president or head of athletics needs to sit down with Woods and have a long talk about how things need to change behind closed doors. He’s still the coach and still needs to go out and lead the team, so the best course of action would be a serious discussion about the matter, and whether he serves to continue in his position.

-Blake Corrao

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