2014 NHL Offseason Recap Central Division

You don’t realize how bad the East is until you analyze what the West is doing. The toughest division in hockey (sorry Pacific) just got tougher this offseason with every team but the Jets improving their lineup.

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TFPicture: 7/23/14

Presented without comment, a video that encapsulates Mario Balotelli.

Ironing, dancing, and reading I Am Zlatan. So much to love there.

2014 NHL Offseason Recap: Atlantic Division

Alex Radu continues his look at the NHL offseason by breaking down the Atlantic Division.


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With Arsenal FC heading over to the United States for a bit of pre-season football, some of the players decided to immerse themselves in our culture. More specifically, New York culture, as Arsenal plays the New York Red Bulls on Saturday. 

So with that in mind, they tried to capture the essence of New Yorkers and their accents…

It went hilariously bad.

-TFP Staff

2014 NHL Offseason Recap: Metropolitan Division

While definitely not as exciting as the NBA free agency this summer, between all the coach changes and an exciting first day of free agency, fans still have a lot to be excited for going into next hockey season. In order to recap everything going on in the NHL, we at TFP are analyzing each division and ranking how each team has been in the offseason.

First up, the Metropolitan Division.  


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Some top rookies in the NFL got a look at their Madden ratings before the games comes out in August.

They were certainly not impressed.

TFPicture: 7/21/14

Rory McIlroy won The Open Championship over the weekend, but he got himself into a wee bit of trouble during his winning speech.

Hear what he said after the break…

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TFPicture: 7/19/14

John Daly wearing Spongebob Squarepants pants at the British Open.

I believe it does not get better than this.


-TFP Staff

All Is Fair In Love And Wiggins

There’s a question facing the Cleveland Cavaliers right now. There’s this guy Kevin Love on the NBA trade block, and he’s better than pretty good. Adding him would make the Cavs the favorites in the Eastern Conference. But is it worth giving away a potential future superstar in this year’s #1 pick in Andrew Wiggins?

Two of TFP’s editors face off, and make the case for both answers to that very question.


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TFPicture: 7/18/14

The Knicks need a defensive protector after trading away Tyson Chandler.

Maybe they should go to another sport to get it…

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